Hello Dolly

Jody Kelly

What are you getting from this lively work by Scottish artist, Jody Kelly? Are you seeing a scene full of unbridled joy, in which a young man has lost himself in a book while under a parasol in Tenerife? Or, like me, are you getting something that runs a little deeper?

I spoke to Jody about the inspiration behind this piece and he explained:

I had an image of loads of retro kids’ masks and wanted to use them in individual paintings juxtaposed with a ‘normal’ situation.

The masks create an interesting atmosphere and feel akin to a masquerade ball at Club 18-30. Her eyes pierce you, full of exuberance, yet also vacuous and distant. While he’s in the background with hollow eye sockets and a chipper grin.

And what’s the real identity of the avid book reader? Does he even know himself?

As usual, Jody has managed to create a work that feels upbeat on the surface but with plenty to consider when you lift its shimmering veneer.